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CRM User Training

If you are new to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, or you want to develop your user skills, we are sure to have a training solution for you.
Redball Group have trained CRM users and as a Microsoft Gold accredited Microsoft consultancy you can be sure of working with a partner who will help you leverage excellent results from your CRM system.

Our courses are delivered from our office, in private sessions that are fully bespoke to your CRM processes and training needs. We are committed to ensuring that your training aims are fully achieved and as part of our preparations the consultant who delivers your training will contact you in advance to agree a course structure so we can accelerate the skills transfer.

CRM Introduction Training

Designed to help new users master the main processes and interface of Microsoft Dynamics CRM this introductory course includes:

  • Navigating Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Working with Microsoft Dynamics CRM in Outlook
  • Creating personalised CRM views
  • Main functionality of Dynamics CRM modules
  • The relationship between account, contact and lead records
  • How to search and find data
  • Creating and managing CRM records and activities
  • Progressing sales prospects from a lead to order
  • Tracking customer service issues using CRM cases
  • Using CRM dashboards

CRM Sales User Training

In this course we cover the main CRM processes and functions used by sales teams to improve processes that will shorten sales cycles, reduce administration and improve the quality of sales forecasting:

  • Introducing the main CRM record types for sales management
  • How to manage and convert opportunities
  • Configuring CRM sales process flows with business rules and branching logic
  • Working with CRM product tables
  • Creating sales quotes and orders
  • Using CRM lists, views and dashboard charts to monitor sales data
  • Customising CRM sales reports, charts and dashboards
  • Applying automated sales workflows
  • Using goal tracking to measure performance

Marketing User Training

In this one day session we provide tuition to utilise the campaign management and lead generation functions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM:

  • Introducing CRM marketing campaigns
  • Building and managing CRM marketing lists
  • Creating marketing campaigns and quick campaigns
  • Developing campaign templates
  • Importing leads
  • Capturing campaign responses
  • Assigning campaign activities
  • Working with and editing campaign reports and dashboards
  • Creating & managing marketing goals
  • Using CRM with Click Dimensions or dotmailer

Service User Training

Designed for customer service and support teams this course will show you how to use Microsoft Dynamics CRM to improve service delivery and increase client retention:

  • Getting Started with Service Management
  • Tracking service cases in CRM process flows
  • Working with cases in the service list
  • Using service dashboards and charts
  • Understanding case queues and case routing
  • Automated case creation
  • Working with CRM entitlements to define support levels
  • Configuring automated service emails
  • Automated case escalation and Service Level Agreements
  • Configuring service goals

Database Administrator Training

A comprehensive agenda enabling database administrator to manage Dynamics CRM:

  • Configuring an organisational structure
  • Creating new user accounts with associated security rolesa
  • Managing user teams
  • Configuring the components that make up the Dynamics CRM security module
  • Customising CRM forms and views
  • Creating database entities
  • Database management including mapping and data import / export
  • Identifying areas where advanced customisation functionality can be implemented
  • Creating and managing a product catalogue
  • Configuring system settings

New Feature / Upgrade Training

Helping you transition to the latest CRM version and benefit from the latest Dynamics features and improvements.

The course content will vary depending on which version of Dynamics CRM you are upgrading from and your job role, our recent new feature courses have included:

  • Creating CRM theme records
  • Working with the new CRM user interface
  • Hierarchy visualizations
  • Applying rollup and calculation field types
  • Using business rules, stage gating and branching logic in process flows
  • Working with entitlement records
  • Configuring service level agreements
  • Microsoft Social Engagement
  • Automated case creation and case routing