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We provide assurance in maximizing the features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM in order to enhance the effectiveness of your company. Our specialized training and support program offers your staff the knowledge and confidence necessary to leverage CRM to its maximum capabilities. If you are seeking a smooth and customer-centric organization, we will gladly help you throughout our partnership. We provide support and managed services for the following:

CRM Technical Support

  • Functional and Technical Support on Sales, Service and Marketing modules of MS CRM
  • Technical Support for all editions of MS CRM (online, on-premise and IFD).
  • Configuration of system settings, user and security management.
  • Automating business process with the Workflow implementation and customization.
  • Extending Red Ball Group with SDK customization specific to the editions – online, On-Premise and partner hosted.

CRM Managed Support Services

  • Wide range of support models
  • Remote and Onsite support with well-equipped infrastructure, Video Conferencing, Web
  • Dedicated resource or team
  • Meeting, VOIP, Chat etc.
  • Remote and Onsite support with well-equipped infrastructure, Video Conferencing, Web Meeting, VOIP, Chat etc.


  • Integration with other Systems – QuickBooks, etc.
  • Integration of MS CRM with the existing or legacy systems
  • Integration of MS CRM with SharePoint using built-in integration component or extending it for additional features.
  • Integration of MS CRM with company portal, websites, social networks, mapping tool, payment gateways & utility services.
  • Integration using ready-made adaptors, tools like Scribe, Expertlogix and custom adaptors.

Support Triage

Microsoft Support Lifecycle policy provides consistent and predictable guidelines for product support availability when a product releases and throughout that product's life. By understanding the product support available, customers are better able to maximize the management of their IT investments and strategically plan for a successful IT future.

Updates and Hotfixes

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 updates and hotfixes.
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 updates and hotfixes.
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 updates and hotfixes.
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 updates and hotfixes.

Software Support

When it's time to find answers to your Microsoft Dynamics CRM questions, there are a variety of self-support and assisted support options to provide the help you need.​ Depending on the version of CRM you're running, and whether you use the online or on premise version of the product, your support options may vary. Consult the table below for the support path that matches your solution.


The Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Implementation Guide is a comprehensive set of guides that can help you plan, deploy, configure, customize, and maintain on-premises versions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 or Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.

Social Media, Blogs and Forums

The world is changing at an unprecedented pace, and social media is much more than a fad. Today's customers make decisions based on user reviews and online discussions. Conversations that were once had in person now take place on Facebook or Twitter. People are more informed, and they're getting their information in new ways, from new sources. With Microsoft Social Engagement, you can listen, analyze, and drive engagement all within Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Dynamics Marketing, or standalone. Jump in and engage with your customers, reaching them in ways never before possible.

Support Cases

Once the high level process is defined, we either spend time with actual users or work with stakeholders who know the problems well. From then, we come up with a Visual Requirements Document, a simple template that captures the essence of the product at a high level and get an OK from all the stakeholders. Then, our UX team takes that as an input and delivers low fidelity mockups on paper without the use of any colors. This will ensure that we capture the flow and do not get biased on colors. We share them with our customers, get their acceptance and then, come up with high fidelity prototypes that we rinse, lather and repeat till they have the WOW factor.

Licenses and Warranties

Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers licensing options that cover implementations for small, to mid-level, to even very large organizations.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server 2015.There is no user limit for this edition. Additional features include support for multiple organizations, multiple server instances, and separate role-based service installation. Role-based services let you increase performance by installing Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server features on different computers.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Workgroup Server 2015 This edition is limited to five, or fewer, users. This version is limited to a single organization and a single computer that is running Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server.