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Red Ball Group is a technology consulting firm that solely focuses on implementing and supporting Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Our team of consultants are professionals with in-depth experience in the IT industry that have chosen to specialize in analyzing, designing, implementing, developing, integrating, and supporting Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Our expertise based on our long-standing experience in the government, manufacturing, energy and commercial industries allow us to provide the following exceptional CRM services:

Business Processes in Dynamics CRM

Business process help you work with your customers consistently by guiding you through standard and steps for common task.

For example, your organization may want every one to handle new sales leads or services cases the same way. Businessprocess help yu do that.

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Customize a business process in CRM

provide your sales or services reps with a well-defined process to take the guesswork out of their day-today activities.
Microsoft Dynamics CR includes ready-to-use business process that you can customize to match how your organization works.            

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Microsoft Social Engagement for Dynamics CRM

This eBook Cvers:

  • Brief introduction of Social Engagement
  • Set up Social Engagement dashboards and visuals in CRM
  • Gallery of Social Engagement Visuals
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    Importy Contacts into CRM

    get ready to imprt your contacts

    Whether your contacts are stored in an email program, a spreadsheet, or on your phone, you'll probably want to import them into Microsoft Dynamics CRM so you can keep tracks of the people you do business with all in one paces.

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    CRM Basics

    The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Basics guide contains the essentials you need to know to navigate the system, enter data, and move your customers through the sales cycle or resolve a service issue successfully.

    We included only what you need to know to get productive right away, and we kept every topic as short as possible.

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    CRM for Outlook Basics

  • Find your data and work with lists
  • visualize your data with dashboards
  • Email, appointments, tasks, and other activities
  • Nurture leads through the sales process
  • Take your work and go offline
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    Start Working in CRM

    Ready to get going with CRM?
    You're in the right places.
    In this eBook, you'll learn how to:

  • Get around CRM and find what you need
  • Enter data quickly and easily
  • Work with cintacts, accounts, leads, and opportunities
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